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"just received my plates and wine them.  Have a "girls night" next week and plan to fill them in on what a great product (whether they are part of Weight Watchers or not).  You have a great product here!!!"
 ~Helen from California

"Although I love all the Wine-Trax portion control products, I can't say enough about the glassware I use the most, the bowls. Since beginning a weight-loss program earlier this year that combines healthy eating with daily exercise, my Wine-Trax bowl has become an indispensable tool for reaching my goals. I use it every morning to accommodate my one-cup servings of cereal or yogurt, and I often use it at lunchtime as well for measuring accurate portions of soup or salad. Because I'm always in a hurry, I love that I don't have to measure anything; the attractive lines do the thinking for me! The bowls not only make tracking my portions a cinch, but are also perfect for storing leftovers (they come with a plastic lid). They make great snack bowls, too. Love, love 'em!"
~Sharleen Nelson
"In my practice, I coach people who rely on visual cues to guide them through their day. I can't tell you how many hours I spend looking for, and trying to create, classy ways to provide tangible, understandable visual cues for portions. The Wine-Trax portion-control system is exactly what I've been looking for! The cues are subtle, attractive, and appropriate for everyone. I'm having a great time introducing my customers to these products!"
~Joan Guthrie Medlen, MED, RD
Author of The Down Syndrome Nutrition Handbook: A Guide to Healthy Lifestyles and Cooking by Color: Recipes for Independence
2011 Excellence in Practice Award in Behavioral Health Nutrition from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.
“Just wanted to write and tell you that I love my WineTrax dinnerware and wineglasses. I use them every day to help keep me on track with my Weight Watchers program. On the Points Plus program it helps simplify my day because it isn't necessary to use measuring cups with every meal. The cereal/soup bowl is useful with so many foods because of the measurements right on the bowl. The dinner plate reminds me and my family to fill half our plate with salad or veggies. How easy is that? I also use the wine glass for many different beverages including milk. I'd be lost without these great products because they are so easy to use. Thank you for creating such simple but useful products”
~ Gale in OR
“I LOVE those glasses. I bought 12 of them, kept 4 and gave the other 8 away as holiday gifts. Everyone adores them! Thank YOU!”
~ Gina in PA
“I purchased a case from you about 1 1/2 -2 years ago when you were changing from hand etched to machine. I am a Leader in Marshfield MA and I've spoken about you to my members before. This week's topic is portion control and I am bringing in my wine glass along with a print out from your website to show all the members in my 7 meetings. You may be seeing new orders from South of Boston. I love my wine glasses and my husband gets my wine and asks me which line I would like it poured to. I have them at home and at my beach house, and also gave some to my sister. I use them all the time.
~ Sincerely, Lynn., WW leader in MA”
“I am looking forward to using the set starting next week and I am recommending it to all of my friends. Thanks again for a great product and fantastic service!!”
~ Patti in NC
“I love the wine glasses – they are beautiful! I was always guessing the amount of wine that I was having while trying to count calories, and this is an easy way to keep track. No one knows that the beautiful ‘etchings’ on the glass are not just decorative. Thank you for creating this product and for the fast turn-around time with delivery”
~ Ginny in MS